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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tanjoubi omedetou!

~06th March~

Happy Birthday to my other half, a man whom is so dear to my heart, my best friend and my soul mate.

I always pray for his happiness in this world and in hereafter... May Allah bless him with countless blessings. Ameen...

I realize that I didn't write much about my husband in this blog before. To somebody who knows my hubby well, he is known as a gentle and kindhearted person who will easily forgive others and forget about it. Perlu ke ni puji suami sendiri hahah... ^__^... xpelah, janji saya ikhlas puji suami sendiri...huhu... That's what I really think of him... He taught me, among so many other things, the true meaning of forgiveness and to let go of the past.

All I can say, I'm blessed to share my life with him...

Btw, he hardly read my blog... hahaa...tapi kalau abg dah terbaca....lagu ni khas untuk abg...=)

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